IP Address – Default Router Admin Login and Password

An Internet Protocol address is basically a numerical identity that has been specified to a device within a particular network. An IP address generally has four segments, each divided from the other by a dot. The numbers cannot be generated randomly though, because they must be something in between and as far as private IP numbers are concerned. is a private IP address because it can only be identified inside the network it is currently working in and not outside of it. There are however, two other ranges of IP addresses as well and they are: – and – is a private Internet Protocol Address or IP address which is often set as the default IP during the manufacturing of routers. It’s one of the most frequently used default IP addresses at the moment and although it’s generally a part of the router’s factory settings, it is very much possible to change it according to the user’s convenience from the panel of the router. In fact, it is also recommended that one changes it, if one faces connectivity issues. Linksys routers are the most likely to have as their IP address.

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Since is a private IP address, one may find this same IP address being used by different computers at the same time, all over the world. However, this is only possible when the two computers that are using the same IP address ( are working on separate networks. On the other hand, if two or more computers are using the Internet Protocol address on a single network, then there would be connectivity issues and the network will not function as it should. What this means is that although one can use the same IP in a lot of places, but only as long as those devices are not working under the same network.

A disadvantage associated with all private IP addresses is the fact these make the connection non-routable without a NAT or Network Address Translation. On the other hand, some prefer as an IP address because it has been found to be quite good for a smooth flow of information through the connection. One can also use the same numerical as the value for the connection gateway, while setting up the IP properties. The easily accessible nature of this IP can also turn out to be a disadvantage if one needs something a bit more secure. Something that should be mentioned here is that using is considered by most to be quite safe as it might leave you less vulnerable to security threats on the internet. When it comes to ones chances of finding help online also is petty high due to its widespread use all over the world.

Knowing the IP address becomes a necessity particularly when you are planning to setup and connect a router. If the Internet Protocol address of your router is then the first step to take will be to type in in your browser’s address bar and hit enter. Once your browser leads you to the Login page, enter the necessary details and Logon on to the administrator console. Here you will find the configuration settings. Make the necessary changes before saving and exiting. If things are particularly not working in your favor, you will need to figure out the problem and troubleshoot accordingly. The most common three problems that one may experience are as follows:

The default IP address is not and in order to obtain the proper IP address, go to the manufacturer’s website and find it. Alternatively, you can also find the details within the documents that were provided to you at the time of the purchase.

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The router is at fault and the problem might lie with the hardware itself. If this is the problem then you will probably have to take it to the manufacturer for repairing or replacement.

There is an error in the configuration settings that you need to figure out and correct. You will find many step by step guides on how to troubleshoot your router’s configuration settings online.

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