192.168.o.1 Admin – Router Default IP Address Login Page

Router and Wi-Fi are common name and those are used for internet connection. Many people use Wi-Fi for accessing internet wirelessly. Due to use of smartphone and smart tablet, the demand of router and Wi-Fi are rising. People show internet to use wireless internet in everywhere. I suggest users to get some knowledge about router and Wi-Fi connection before purchasing the device. If they know something, then they can fix any types of problem related with router 192.168.o.1 admin and Wi-Fi. They may not need any help from anyone. From this article, it will be easier to know something about Wi-Fi, router and solution related with those.

There are various ways to know about router and Wi-Fi. You can use Google as the best tool which helps you to find answers related your question and problem. YouTube is a good site for getting quick video instructions. If you need additional help, then you can use those sites. Remember, all of the routers use an IP addresses of different class. You cannot change class but you can easily change the IP address. All of the routers and networking devices use a unique IP address as default. The IP address is 192.168.o.1 for D-Link and Netgear routers. With the default IP address and username and password, users can log in router control section. Username and password for those devices are admin.

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192.168.o.1 Admin Login Default Router IP Address:

The default IP address is used for login to the router for configuration of the router and of the Wi-Fi setting. You need to use username and password with the default IP address for access the router control panel. When you type the IP address 192.168.o.1 on the browser address bar and press enter button, then the IP address on the address bar will be Now you will see a log in screen where you have to put username and password. Behind the router or in the additional paper, you will get log in data together.

For D-Link http://192.168.o.1-vhod is a correct address for router but for other networking devices or the routers is used as correct IP address. So, you have to use the link or the IP address based on the device. You can use any browser for using as tool. However, the IP address is used as default IP address for the routers and manufacturers used the IP address as default. So, you can log in to any device with the correct IP address, username and password. You can access the device from computer or the laptop.

Usually, most of the devices use admin for username and password. When you use the IP address on the browser address field and press enter button from keyboard, then you will be asked to use username and password. If you do not find the IP address, username and password in the router box, then you should contact with manufacturer or the vendor. Usually, all of those things remains together in router box in the manual or in the paper. However, you may get all of those things together in a website as admin/admin. It means that username and password are admin. Do not use the IP address 192.168.o.1 admin on the browser address bar.

The IP address has many use and this is why, you should know the correct IP address. The default IP address may not work verities of reasons. You have to fix it otherwise; you cannot use internet any way. When you type on the browser address field and press on the enter button, then you will not see the log in screen or error message will pop up. There are could be many reason and one common reason is the IP address is blocked by the firewall or virus attacked your PC.

You need to recheck the IP address which you have used on the browser address field. When you use an IP address on the browser and hit enter button, then a log in screen should have been appear but if you do not get that page, then you have mistaken somewhere else. You should check the IP address and other things to know correct IP address. If you use 192.168.o.1 admin, then you made the mistake in the link. The IP address should be and now try again. If the problem is not solved yet. Then you should check the firewall setting and enlist the IP address in the firewall. Now check again from the browser and confirm that you have used correct IP address. Now use updated antivirus for checking the whole computer. Any virus may be the reason to make the problem.

The default IP address of your router is and if it gives the error message, then you need to find the problem. You should use ping command on the command prompt page for finding the solution. You need to type “ping 192.168.o.1” or you can use “ping -t” command. The ping command must give you output, if you need to use that output for finding the problem and solution. If you get lost = 100%, then cable connection might be faulty. You should check all of the cables and power and electrical cable. You should check the Ethernet problem. If any of those cables is lose, then such error message may appear. Plug all of the cable connection and ping again. If the same message appears, then you should check the router, modem or the laptop data card.

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Use the ping command again to know the connection status between router and computer again. If you get same message continuously like lost =100%, then check the networking settings. Now check the networking configuration. You have to go to control panel for checking the networking settings. You will get all of those things under control panel for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Now click on the Network connections icon from the Windows XP. For Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 you have to click on the Network and Internet from the control panel. Now click on the Network Management tab and then click on the Sharing Center. From the next step, you have to click on the “Change Adapter Settings” and then click to the properties from your network connection step.


From the properties, you have to select Internet protocol version 4 and on the IP address field type IP address and Now click on subnet mask and let it fill auto and click on Ok button for applying the settings. Now use the IP address 192.168.o.1 admin on the address bar of the browser. Still, you get error message, then use the ping command. You can try to clean cache, cookies and history from the browser settings and use the IP address on the browser again. If the problem is still going on, then you should contact vendor or the manufacturers. The device may be faulty and the manufacture can change or fix the device for the router.